Mischa Appel is a Dutch Graphic Designer and Creative Director living and working in Utrecht (NL). In 2018 he graduated from the University of the Arts Utrecht with a BA in Graphic Design. Since then he has been active in various roles relating to design, education and the cultural field.

Together with Thomas van de Geest and Michaël Jovanović he co-founded Graphic Design studio HouseTMM, a collaborative design studio that re-imagines the traditional graphic design practice through meaningful and engaging projects.

In addition to his activities at HouseTMM he is a lecturer in Typography and Graphic Design at the Graphic Design department of the University of the Arts Utrecht. Next to this he is a founding partner of WHATCHAMACALLIT, a
n Utrecht-based collective where art, design and experience intertwine.

Publications and press include It’s Nice That (1), De Volkskrant most beautiful photobooks of 2021 (2)the GDFS 2019 Poster Book & Exhibition (3), It’s Nice That (4), Printed Pages AW18 (5), BNO Pioniers (6), Fontanel Dutch Design Talents 2018 (7) and It’s Nice That (8).

Clients and collaborators include &Walsh, Centraal Museum Utrecht, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Dutch National Opera and Ballet, EKKO, Kevin Osepa, Le Guess Who?, MacGuffin Magazine, het Nieuwe Instituut, Rijksoverheid, Somesuch, Sonos, the Spice Girls, Tivoli Vredenburg, Tommy Jeans, the University of the Arts Utrecht, VBCN and the VPRO.